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From Tactan to TACT
The 4th full-blown International Theater Festival for Children from Osaka 

Recognized for the achievement of the last 3 years, Tactan, a full-blown international theater festival for children and teens, will be held collaboratively with Biwako hall center for the performing arts, a leading Japanese public theater.
We will change the designation into TACT for this opportunity.
Our purpose is to line up high quality works that have attained international reputation and satisfied not only children but also adults, and to offer families the time to share conversations about their impressions.   

TACT aims to expand the circle of the festivals under a word gLetfs go to the theater with your children!h with collaborations between various Japanese theaters. 

Now, this year, various line up is coming again soon. Donft miss it!

Chief of Executive Committee of TACT/FESTIVAL
Toshimi Matsubara


TACT  is a consisting of initial letters of Theatre Arts for Children and Teens.
PDdiplomatic; able to respond to the occasion; quick-witted     A performance like this!
QDfeeling, touching; sense of feeling    So close you can feel this!
RDawareness of suitability; judgement; good sense    A play  with this sensibility!

TACT/FESTIVAL = a festival invites theatre performances with these three sensitivity.


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