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"As a person who was in a way involved in the birth of the TACTAN FESTIVAL in 2007, it has been a great joy to see the Festival growing for last three years. Especially last year it was even a shock to me to see an abrupt growth of the Festival. I am not talking about the quantity of the productions in the Festival only. I am talking about the quality of the productions in the Festival and the sudden increase of the spectators as well. I am sure that with the festival network built within Japan working form this year, the Festival is moving into the second phase promising a more active and productive festival with a new name. I wish you a good luck and good success with the TACT/FESTIVAL in the years to come! "
Kim Woo Ok (Honorary member of ASSITEJ International)


"Congratulations with your re-born festival. I participated in last year's festival and enjoyed my stay and the performances a lot. And I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Kohey Nakadachi and his splendid assistant Ms. Keiko Yamaguchi in our country as well. I wish you good luck with this year's festival and I look much forward to being part of it!!"
Peter Manscher (Secretary Generals of the 17th ASSITEJ World Congress)


"Go East for easy going? Go to Osaka! And you will listen and watch and discover and feel and enjoy the tact of Theatre for Young Audiences: TACT | the festival in Japan`s Cultural Capital, hosted by Theatre People celebrating artistic quality, relevant diversity and inspiring hospitality."
With compliments,
Wolfgang Schneider (President of the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young Peoplej


"Theatre is in my eyes the king among the art forms. It combines almost all arts to one unique celebration of human imagination and hopes. And only the best is good enough for the education of children and young people! Therefore TACT-Festival plays a crucial part in inaugurating the successor generations to the real values and virtues in life. Every year TACT-Festival is the platform for outstanding theatre productions from all over the world which attrack not only the youngest generation but also adults . For me the TACT-Festival is one of the cultural highlights in Kansai where old and young take part in the magic moments only theatre can create.h
Michael Schroen (Director of the Goethe-Institut in Osaka )


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