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《SYMPOSIUM》 Admission free / No booking necessary except the conference of 2Asian Symposium (prior booking essential for 2Asian Symposium)
※Registration begins 30 minutes prior to each symposium/ conference.
Doors open 5 minutes before each symposium/ conference.

◆1International Symposium
Towards New Paradigm for the Festival for Children and Young People 

Recently, the number of international performing arts festivals for children and young audiences are increasing more and more in the world. In Japan, TACT/ FESTIVAL (a new network of theatre festivals) has started in 2010. Artistic directors of international festivals who are energetically working on programs will discuss the present and the future of the international festivals and its value to be held in various backgrounds.
Invited speakers:
Kim Woo Ok(Honorary member of ASSITEJ International/ Korea)
Peter Manscher (Secretary Generals of the 17th ASSITEJ World Congress/ Denmark)
Noel Jordan(Consultant Young Audiences Producer Sydney Opera House/ Australia)
Kohey Nakadachi (Programme Director of TACT/FESTIVAL/ Japan)
Date/ Time:Thursday, August 5, starts at 14:00/ Venue: Asahi Ward Community Centre Library/ Number of seats: 50

◆2ASSITEJ JAPAN 30th Anniversary Project
International Symposium of Theater for Young Audience in Asia 2010

The transformation of Theater for Children and Youth in Asia of the 21st century.
The panelists will report and discuss following points:

  1. The current situation and facing challenges of performing arts for children and young audience in each country.
  2. In the Theatre for Children and Young audiences, how can we apply our unique cultures and traditions based on Asian ethnicities which are inherited and nurtured for a long time?
  3. Through the theatre for Children and Young audiences, what can we do for various social issues and contradictions such as warfare, hunger, poverty, disparity, environmental destruction, natural disaster, violence, and abuse? Exactly for which problems and how should we work on those issues?


Guests: Chandana Aluthge (Sri Lanka), Legarda Atienza Ma. Isabel (Philippines), Byung Ho Kim (Korea), Mohammad Liaquat Ali Lucky (Bangladesh), Truong Nhuan (Viet-Nam), Diperson Jung Rana (Nepal)
Date/ Time:Friday 6th August, Starts at 13:30 & Saturday 7th August, Starts at 13:00/ Venue Asahi Ward Community Centre Library
Number of seats:50(prior booking essential)/ box office: (06)‐4398−1811


Roles of Public Halls for Children
After the enforcement of the Theater Law in Japan, how will theaters change? What will be the role should public theaters play in the future? The representatives of public halls in Japan who started TACT/FESTIVAL this year, will discuss the future of the Japanese theaters and their role in the global world.

Invited speakers:Takeo Inoue(Director of Biwako Hall Center for the Performing Arts, Shiga)
Hiroshi Takahagi(Assistant Director of Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Yuji Minoshima (Manager of Matsumoto Performing Arts Center)
Kohey Nakadachi (Programme Director of TACT/FESTIVAL) 
Date and Time: Sunday, 1st August , Starts at 14:30/ Place: Asahi Ward Community Centre Library / Number of seats: 50


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